Tropical Fish Guide

The Perfect Fish.

There are many different types of tropical fish out there but picking the right one's are important. You may find ones are really colourful but then you find out they are really aggresive. Or you may find some really small, cute fish and then you find out they grow a foot long! Or you want this fish but you can't have it with this other fish you really like. This Guide will help you pick the right fish for you and your tank.

A Peaceful Tank.

A peacful tank is one of the best type's of tank. All you need are the right fish. Here is a list of some peaceful and stunning fish:
  1. The neon tetra is a brightly coloured fish with blue, red and silver.
    These are a great shoaling fish. They do well in groups of 6 or more.
    These are great beginner fish.
  2. The Guppy is a very common fish in the aquarium hobby. It is a livebearer
    which means it doesn't lay egg's. They are a good fish to try and breed
    because they give birth on average every 28 days.
  3. The Platy is a livebearer like the guppy and is a small fish. You can find them
    in most petshop's. They are also quite active fish.

  4. The Endler Guppy is a beautifully coloured fish. It is very energetic and is a livebearer. There color varies between yellow, blue, red green and turquoise. They are smaller then the normal guppy.
  5. The cory catfish isn't one for looks but it does a great job of cleaning the aquaium substrate. There are many different species like the Albino Cory, Bronze Cory, Emereld Cory, Peppered Cory and many more.
  6. The Silver Dollar is a stunningly beautiful fish and likes to be in a shoal of about 8 or more. But not everyone will have enough room for 8 of them as they grow 14cm in diameter. As it says in it's name the Silver Dollar is a dazzling silver colour and would suit a large aquarium.

A Community Tank

A community tank means that you can have many different species of fish that get along with each other. Here is a list of many different species of fish that are suitable for the community tank:

Aggresive Fish

Aggresive fish are sometimes the most beautiful fish in the shop. For example the Cichlid has some
beautiful colours like blue,yellow,red,pink and many more. But don't be fooled. These are one of the most aggresive
fish in the hobby. There are many different breeds of Cichlids. One or two breeds of the Cichlids aren't to bad like the
Ram Cichlid. But the rest are aggresive. If you are going to buy a fish always make sure you ask if it is aggresive.

Fin Nippers.

Fin nippers can be veryannoying. A fin nipper is a type of fish that will start nipping the fins
of fish withfance fins and tails. A prime example of a fin nipper would be the Tiger Barb. They look cute but are little terrors.
Never put fin nippers with fish like the Japenese Fighting fish or a male Guppy as they will shred there tails which will kill them.

Single Species

What I mean by single species is a fish that should be kept with its own kind in a tank
or that you can only have one of its kind in your tank.
Here are a few of these species: