Blue Dwarf Gourami Guide

What you should know about Blue Dwarf Gourami

Blue Dwarf Gourami are very attractive fish. They have blue and red stipes.
This species of Gourami are a small speciman compared to other members of there family
which can grow to 70cm. If you buy two Gourami, they will swim together in a pair.
Make sure if you have a Gourami that your tank isn't close to loud noises which will frighten them.

SIZE: Blue Dwarf Gourami can grow a maximum of 5cm.
pH: Gourami like the pH between 6-6.5.
TEMPERATURE: Gourami like the temprature in the tank
from 22-28 degrees celsius.
LIFESPAN: Blue Dwarf Gourami have a lifespan of up to 5 years.
TEMPERMENT: Blue Dwarf Gourami are really peacful fish and shouldn't show any signs of agression.
TANK LEVEL: Gourami are top dwelling fish.

A Community Tank

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