German Blue Ram Guide

What you should know about German Blue Ram

German Blue Ram are very cool looking. Like their reletive the Electric Blue Ram they are related to the Cichlid. That said they are a very
peaceful fish. They are blue with black bars in them , the males have a slight red yellow tint. The females have a red belly. These are very laid
back fish and will glide peacefully around the tank.

SIZE: German Blue Rams grow a maximum of 7cm.
pH: German Blue Rams should thrive in a pH between
TEMPERATURE:German Blue Rams like the temprature
to be between 25-30degrees celsius.
LIFESPAN: German Blue Rams can live up to a maximum of 3 years.
TEMPERMENT: German Blue Ram are not aggresive.
TANK LEVEL German Blue Ram like to stay between the middle
and bottom section of the tank.

A Community Tank

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