Japanese Fighting Fish Guide

What you should know about Japanese Fighting Fish

When you see a japanese fighting fish what you say is wow! They
come in different colours and have different fin patterns. There are different
varietys of Fighting Fish. For example you have a Half Moon, a Elephant Ear, a Crowntail
and many more. These are in the single species group because you should only house one male.
If you house two males they will fight to the death. Also don't house them with male Guppys
as they will think it is an enemy.

SIZE: Fighting Fish will grow to a maximum of 7cm.
pH: Japanese Fighting Fish like the pH at 6-7.
TEMPERATURE: Japanese Fighting Fish like the temperature at around 24-28degrees celsius.
LIFESPAN: Fighting Fish can live for 3-4 years.
TEMPERMENT: Japanese Fighting Fish are peaceful if males aren't housed with another male or male Guppys.
TANK LEVEL: Fighting Fish swim at all levels of the tank.

Single Species

What I mean by single species is a fish that should be kept with its own kind in a tank
or that you can only have one of its kind in your tank.
Here are a few of these species: