Neon tetra Guide

What you should know about Neon Tetras

Neon tetra's are well known in the aquarium hobby
as they have a neon blue and red stripe. They do best in a
shoal of six or more. They are great fish for both begginers
and experts. SIZE: Neon Tetras grow a maximum of 4cm.
pH: Neon Tetras should thrive in a pH between
5.5-7.5 .
TEMPERATURE: Neon tetras like the temprature
to be between 20-25degrees celsius.
LIFESPAN: Neon Tetras can live up to 10 years but
up to 5 years in an aquarium.
TEMPERMENT: Neon Tetras are not aggresive.
TANK LEVEL Neon Tetras like to stay between the middle
and bottom section of the tank.

A Community Tank

A community tank means that you can have many different species of fish that get along with each other. Here is a list of many different species of fish that are suitable for the community tank: