Piranha Guide

What you should know about Piranhas

Piranhas! Piranhas are one of the most well known predators in the world.
The reason Piranhas are in the single species group is because you cvan only house them with
each other. If there are any weaker Piranhas in the group they will be picked on and eventually eaten.

SIZE: Piranhas will grow to a maximum of 30cm.
pH: Piranhas like the pH at 6.5.
TEMPERATURE: Piranhas like the temperature at around 25-27degrees celsius.
LIFESPAN: Piranhas can live for 10-20 years.
TEMPERMENT: Piranhas are aggressive fish and should only be housed with there own kind.
TANK LEVEL: Piranhas swim at all levels of the tank.

Single Species

What I mean by single species is a fish that should be kept with its own kind in a tank
or that you can only have one of its kind in your tank.
Here are a few of these species: