Pleco Guide

What you should know about Plecos

There are many types of plecos but this
guide will focus on the common Pleco. Plecos are a catfish
which grow relatively big. The pleco is a well know catfish
in the hobby but actually produce more watse than what they get rid of.

SIZE: Plecos will grow to a maximum of 30cm if kept in a big enough tank.
pH: Plecos like the ph to be at 7 so right in the middle.
TEMPERATURE: Plecos are quite easy fish when it comes to temprature as they are
happy with the temprature to be at 20-30degrees celsius.
LIFESPAN: Plecos, if they are kept in the right conditions, can live for 10 years.
TEMPERMENT: Plecos are peacful fish and shouldn't harm any other fish.
TANK LEVEL: Plecos are bottom feeders.

A Community Tank

A community tank means that you can have many different species of fish that get along with each other. Here is a list of many different species of fish that are suitable for the community tank: