Swordtail Guide

What you should know about Swordtails

Swordtails are lovely fish to look at. The males ,as the name suggests,
have an extended piece of tail which looks like a sword. If you put two male together
without a few females they will become quarrelsome. They are livebearers so they are
quite easy to breed. Some times if there aren't enough males in the group a female might grow a
SIZE: Female swordtails are bigger than males and will grow 13cm long.
pH:Swordtails like the pH between 6-8.
TEMPRATURE:Swordtails like the temprature between 21-26degrees celsius.
LIFESPAN:Sworstails have a lifespan of up to 4 years.
TEMPERMENT:Swordtails are peacful fish when there are more females than males.
TANK LEVEL:Swordtails are top dwelling fish.

A Community Tank

A community tank means that you can have many different species of fish that get along with each other. Here is a list of many different species of fish that are suitable for the community tank: