Torpedo Barb Guide

What you should know about Torpedo Barb

Torpedo Barbs are really cool. They have many different names like The Rosline Torpedo Barb,
Denison Shark, and Denison Barb. These fish need to be in groups or they might start picking on each other.
These fish are very streamline fish. This means they can swim very fast so you want a nice long tank for them.

SIZE:Torpedo Barbs will grow to a maximum of about 13-14cm.
pH:Torpedo Barbs like the pH between 6.8-7.8.
TEMPRATURE:Torpedo Barbs like the temprature between 16-26degrees celsius.
TEMPERMENT:Torpedo Barbs are peacful fish but can chase it's own species around the tank.
TANK LEVEL:Torpedo Barbs are middle-bottom dwelling fish.

A Community Tank

A community tank means that you can have many different species of fish that get along with each other. Here is a list of many different species of fish that are suitable for the community tank: